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Wedding Party Gift Ideas

Sarah Stashuk / Aug 04, 2019

Looking for wedding or bridal party gift ideas for an upcoming event? It can be stressful trying to find the perfect gift for a bridal party or wedding party, because this is such a special occasion that no one wants to seem uncaring or insincere. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a bride, groom, maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, or other members of the wedding party or family, you’ll want the gift to be unforgettable. So what are the best wedding party gift ideas?

Most brides love pretty things for their homes, because they want their new environments to be harmonious for themselves and their new husbands. That said, beautiful and functional gifts for newlyweds can get expensive, as you’ve undoubtedly learned from your own research and review of many of your friends’ and coworkers’ wedding gift registries. 

In addition, brides often find it quite difficult to choose the perfect gifts for all of the members of their bridal parties, and this can get quite stressful and expensive for larger weddings. Never fear, because we have the perfect gifts for your upcoming wedding party. 

Coaster Gift Sets by Sarah Selects

That’s right, these adorable, decorative, beautiful coaster gift sets make the perfect solution to your wedding or bridal party gift quandary. What makes these coasters the ideal gift for any bridal or wedding party or shower? 

Beautiful & Functional: These coaster gift sets add beauty to the home of the new bride or wedding party member with vibrant colors and unique designs to enhance the living space and uplift the spirit. The coasters are made of absorbent ceramic material to protect the valuable furniture in the home to prevent water from marring the surface of the wood. It would be a shame to ruin something in a new home, and these delightful coasters will help preserve the family heirlooms for generations to come. 

Stress-Free Gifts: While many gifts, such as jewelry and clothing, can be frighteningly personal, coasters are nothing of the sort. They can be easily gifted to everyone from a close friend to a distant third cousin once removed or even Aunt Ethel who you never even knew very well. Why? Because coasters are both delightfully functional and beautiful as well as infinitely versatile. People rarely regift or return coasters, because they can so easily be utilized within a home in one of its many rooms. People with active social lives can rarely find enough coasters to accommodate all of their guests, making coasters a welcome gift for any occasion and nearly any recipient. (We say almost, because coasters are not generally recommended for newborns, but there could be a case made that the parents would greatly appreciate the gift.)

Pre-Wrapped Gift Package: How many times have you gone to wrap your gift and found that you were missing at least one essential element: gift wrap, scissors, tape, bows, ribbons, cards, etc. This can be quite stressful and frustrating, not to mention time-consuming with so many last-minute runs to the store. Why not avoid this altogether for your upcoming wedding and bridal party events by choosing coaster gift sets by Sarah Selects for all members of the wedding party and for the family of the bride and groom? All together, Sarah Selects coaster gift sets are only $20 including shipping, and bulk discounts are available for large orders, making them one of the most cost effective gifts for any wedding or bridal party... especially considering that no gift wrap is necessary.

Collectible Designs: These unique coaster gift sets come in at least three collectible colors -- blue, turquoise, and purple -- and this makes it easy to offer an assortment of gifts for members of your wedding party or for your wedding guests. In addition, large weddings may accommodate the investment into custom-made coaster designs and colors to properly commemorate the occasion for all participants. Please note that custom wedding coaster designs generally require a large minimum order and at least 90 days’ wait for production. 

Kids Love Them: That’s right! Kids love Sarah Selects coasters, because they are so beautiful and colorful, much like Easter eggs. So neither you nor your wedding party members will have to worry about unsightly rings of moisture marring your furniture, because all guests and especially the children will be so captivated by the coasters that they will always use them as a surface for their drinks rather than placing them directly on the wood.

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