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Top Valentine Day Gift Ideas

SARAH STASHUK / Feb 14, 2020

February 14 comes around every year, and some people look forward to it, while others approach it with great trepidation. Why? Because it’s hard to know what to get the special people in your life that will make them smile and feel happy.

February 14 is known as the Lovers Day or more popularly called Valentine's Day in the United States and other countries. This is a day most couples and lovers choose to express their adoration of one another. The celebration often involves going on a date and exchanging gifts to say “I love you.” Some couples exchange gifts with one another, but often men are expected to give something to the ladies in their lives to express their affection. Here are some top Valentine's Day gifts for both men and women, so you can do a proper gift exchange this year and celebrate each other!

A Plush Robe

Everyone loves that fresh feeling right after taking a hot shower or soaking in the bathtub. What’s even better is to get inside a plush robe right afterwards and lounge around the house or apartment with a nice glass of wine. Most ladies would enjoy being pampered and might even like to lounge in their bathrobes for several hours on the weekend or during a vacation. Choose her favorite color, and surprise her with a plush robe and perhaps some sweet-smelling lotion for after her bath. The best thing about bathrobes is that they are so universally appreciated and generally don’t come in a lot of size variations. That makes it hard to go wrong. Just in case, save the tag and gift receipt, because ladies also like to exchange things!

New Sneakers

Most men love a new pair of shoes, especially sneakers. Try picking up a cool pair of sneakers, running shoes, or other athletic shoes for the man in your life. Be sure to get the right size and style that he normally where. You can take a peak in his closet and take a photo of his old sneaker boxes, if you can find them. Then show it to the shoe sales people to see if they can help you find something comparable that your man will enjoy. Of course, save the receipt, because shoes are a very personal choice that need to be just right for comfort.

A Wrist Watch

Who doesn't just love a wrist watch? Well, actually they are not as commonly worn, ever since the iPhone came out, because most people abandoned their time pieces in favor of their smartphones to track time. This was a surprising development, probably due to the fact that watches can be a little uncomfortable, and people decided they didn’t need to wear one, if they could track time on their smartphones. However, now that so many people have stopped buying wrist watches, they are coming back in favor as a popular gift idea that seems a bit retro. Try getting your partner a more traditional wrist watch that winds and has hands instead of digits. This will look really cool and unusual.

A Bag or Purse

Most ladies never feel complete, when they are go out without their handbags or purses. While girls get very attached to their purses, they also love to have a variety of bags to wear with different outfits. See what colors and sizes of purse she has in her closet, and get something that complements her collection but adds a new flair in a surprising new color. Try a floral pattern or bright color to add variety. Be sure to save the receipt, because ladies love to shop and exchange things!

A Box of Chocolate

Chocolate can be a woman's Achilles heel, her best friend, or your wallet’s buddy for Valentine's Day. Why? Because most ladies love to indulge in chocolate but just can’t stop eating once they start. Also, chocolate is generally a more affordable gift than other choices, so you can make her happy without breaking the bank.

A Giant Teddy Bear

As awkward and obnoxious as this gift is to carry around, it might bring a giant smile to your lady’s face. Usually, when handed a giant teddy bear, ladies get all excited and feel happy. Even if she doesn’t typically like stuffed animals, she will appreciate the novelty of your teddy bear gift. Teddy bears can serve many functions in a lady’s life. They can be friends, study partners, chat buddies, and snuggle pals, when you’re out of town.

A Necklace

A necklace is a good Valentine’s Day gift idea for the lady in your life because most women enjoy receiving jewelry and treasure gifts that express commitment and affection. Getting her a jewelry item, such as a necklace says you care about her and want her to wear something close to her heart that will remind her of your adoration of her and make her feel pretty.


Often, flowers are ruled out as a Valentine’s Day gift idea, because they seem a bit clichéd or even old fashioned, but most women actually find it quite romantic when a man gets her flowers. You can be creative about it, mixing a variety of colors and flower types to express how unique and special your lady is to you. You can mix roses, lavender, daisies, orchids, wildflowers and more to make the perfect bouquet that will show her how much you care. If February 14 falls on a work day, ladies love to have them delivered to their offices, so they can show their coworkers how much their man cares.  

A Couple’s Massage

Who doesn’t love a good massage? This year, you and your partner can really enjoy Valentine’s Day by getting a couple’s massage together. Afterwards, you can go out on a date or just enjoy a nice meal at home. You will both feel so relaxed and happy, it will make the evening unforgettable.

A Dinner Date

Making memories is an important part of a relationship and a dinner date on Valentine Day is definitely a great idea. If you want to avoid the mad rush of restaurants on Valentine’s Day night, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day at home and choose another random date night nearby to do your outing. Either way, a dinner date is the perfect way to share Valentine’s Day and make sure the special person in your life knows he or she is the one for you.

A Picture Frame

A photo frame is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea, because it is generally not too expensive and can hold a fun photograph of the two of you, making it even more special. Choose a recent photo from a date night or outing, and print it out to put into the photo frame before you give it to your partner. This will surely make him or her smile from ear to ear.


Women love to feel beautiful, and lingerie can truly make them feel sexy and adored. This is because it shows her that you find her attractive and desirable, so she will probably immediately try it on for you. But if you are still new to the relationship, you might want to choose one of the other safer items on our list, such as flowers or chocolates.

Scented Candles

Everyone loves candles to burn in the kitchen, living room, dining room, patio, bedroom, and bathroom. Candles are nice to freshen up the house or apartment and set the mood for romance or fun with company. Often women enjoy burning candles while soaking in a hot bath and enjoying a nice glass of wine. If your lady loves this activity, you might want to make a gift basket with a few scented candles, a bath pillow, scented lotions, and a bottle of wine. This would be a special Valentine’s Day gift that would give her great pleasure and make her feel loved.

Valentine’s Day Cards

Whatever your gift choice, you will definitely want to choose or make a Valentine’s Day card to accompany it. Or sometimes a card is the only gift you may choose to give. The Valentine’s Day card is important and often very meaningful, because it has an image and phrase to express how you feel about that special person in your life. You will want to add a personal note to tell him or her how much you care.

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