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Top 6 Uncommon Gift Ideas

Harrison Maddox / Sep 03, 2019

Sometimes a typical gift just won’t cut it. Whether you want to make a good impression with a gift for somebody special, or you’re shopping for someone with eccentric taste, it’s better to go with something out of the ordinary—though it can also be a bit of a challenge to think outside the box. Check out these 6 uncommon gifts that are certain to be memorable.

A lot depends on the personality of the lucky recipient, but here are some universal yet unusual gift ideas that are sure to delight. 

1. Name a Star - Did you know you could pay to have a star named after someone? Yep. Though purchased names are not officially recognized by the International Astronomical Union, this is still a thoughtful and neat gift. This usually includes a certificate and a start chart to help locate one’s particular light in the night sky. Some companies even include software to help you locate your unique piece of the heavens wherever you are.

2. Ceramic Coasters - You may be saying to yourself, “coasters? I never think about coasters. Who thinks about coasters?” Do you know why you never think about coasters? Because they work. They’re in the background, saving furniture around the world from water marks and scratches. Once you have a great set of coasters, you’ll forget entirely what life was like without them—which is for the best, trust us. And speaking of great sets of coasters, if you’re going to give them, you might as well give the very best. The absorbent ceramic coasters from Sarah Selects not only come in eye-catching turquoise, purple, and blue colors, they absorb moisture rather than let it pool up on the coaster (which can spill off, defeating the point of coasters in the first place), and they have cork padding on the bottom to prevent scratches on your furniture. Get the gift that keeps on giving with some sweet coasters.

3. Meal Service Subscription - Everyone loves a good meal, but not everyone loves cooking. Even those who do enjoy preparing meals often run out of time to source the ingredients and do all of the prep work every night. Why not give them a break? Meal kit subscription services send recipes and all of the required ingredients right to your door. That means great, home-cooked meals with a lot less stress. Lots of meal kit services can be had for a few weeks or months at a time, so your gift can provide many nights of enjoyment. 

4. Pay to Have Their House Cleaned - Sure, this is definitely one of the more unusual gift ideas, but think about how great it would be to have someone come clean your home—like, really clean it. We’re talking dusting the blinds, scrubbing behind the toilet, vacuuming the deep, dark corners of your closets. Sounds nice, right? Imagine giving someone that level of happiness and peace of mind. As long as they’re OK with a stranger from a cleaning service being in their home, this gift is thoughtful as heck.

 5. Custom Mug - Want to show someone you appreciate their friendship? Pick out something from your past together—an inside joke, a sketch depicting a scene that you’ve both experienced, a quote, a photo, etc.—and have it printed on a mug that they can drink from every day. It’ll remind them of your times together and may even inspire a laugh or fond feelings on a regular basis. Plenty of companies offer this service and can ship a mug right to your door. Want to go the extra mile? Pair this gift with a set of the aforementioned Sarah Selects coasters so their hot or cold beverages don’t ruin their furniture. 

6. Unique Journal - Mindfulness is all the rage these days, and one of the easiest and impactful ways to stay mindful is to record your daily thoughts, feelings, dreams and happenings. A nice journal (and maybe a nice pen to go with it?) makes it possible for the special person in your life to keep a log of their daily life. This not only boosts awareness of how they’re feeling from day to day, but provides a nice retrospective if they want to look back on this time of their lives a few years down the road. There are all types of journals out there, so search for one that fits their personality—perhaps a journal that has jokes or inspirational quotes on every page? One that’s sophisticated and leatherbound? Or maybe one that’s durable and water-resistant for the adventurous life they lead? This is an easy way to add another layer of thoughtfulness.

You now have plenty of memorable gift ideas for that special friend in your life. Everybody is different, but it’s hard to go wrong with any of these. As they say: it’s the thought that counts. And these uncommon gifts show someone that you’re really thinking about them.