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Top 10 Gifts for Men

Harrison Maddox / Nov 08, 2019

Finding The Top Gifts for Men is Easier Than You Think

Buying gifts for men seems...difficult, to say the least. Not to generalize, but men are known for being uncommunicative and inexpressive. So how do you figure out what they want? You’ll often find that the top gifts for men are the things that they didn't even know they wanted or needed.

Men often won’t realize a great gift until they’ve received it—which can make gift shopping especially difficult. Where do you even start? We’ve put together a list of 10 guy gifts that are always appreciated, whether you’re searching for the best birthday gifts for men in your life or just a way to show someone you appreciate him.


A good multi-tool is always a solid gift. Whoever you’re buying this for, chances are they like to tinker. Whether it’s cars or computers, a multi-tool probably has everything they need for assembly and disassembly work or minor repairs. Chances are that he never has the right tool when he needs it...unless he has a multi-tool.

Wool Socks

Yep, we said it: socks are great gifts. Once the proverbial punchline of gift-giving, socks have evolved way beyond the tube sock. Today’s wool socks can be stylish, comfortable, warm, or cool without being the least bit itchy. What else makes wool socks great? Their natural antimicrobial properties makes them less prone to smelling bad—and everyone wants that.

A Nice Pen

If you’re wondering why anyone would want a pen as a gift, you haven’t written with a nice one. A substantial pen—one with heft that delivers a solid rolling action with thick, black ink—makes writing “the old-fashioned way” a pure joy. The world needs more hand-written cards, letters, notes, and memos. Why not help bring about that change with a pen he’ll want to use for everything? 

Beverage Accessories

A cool bottle opener? It’s a great gift that will be used again and again. A nice flask? All the better to enjoy a beverage from. A set of beer style-specific glasses? The recipient will appreciate drinking beer the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Find an accessory for their beverage of choice and toast to good times!


Which brings us to the ultimate beverage accessory: COASTERS. This humble household or office accessory not only adds class to any room, but keeps furniture from looking like it came out of a frat house. We know, there are lots of different types of coasters. You (and he) want the absorbent ceramic type (like these coaster gift sets from Sarah Selects)—they absorb liquid rather than let it pool up on the coaster, they look great (choose from blue, purple or turquoise), and they have a padded cork bottom to prevent scratches on your tables. Like we said: he’ll never know it’s what he wanted until he has them.  

Quality Soap

Smelling good is important. Proper skin care is important. Why not help accomplish both at once with a nice soap set? Bonus points if you get something locally-made.


A lot of people drink coffee, but few take the time to try beans that are outside of their regular grocery store aisle. A bag of coffee from a nice coffee shop or roastery shows that you know he has good taste, and he’ll be grateful with every morning cup. Try to find out if he has a coffee grinder at home. If so, buy whole-bean coffee so it can be fresh-ground for each use. If he doesn’t have a grinder, be sure to ask the coffee shop grind it for you.

A Charging Block

Few things are more frustrating than a dead cell phone battery when you’re out and about. Make sure he never runs into that issue by gifting him a portable charging block. Most of the options on the market are small, affordable, and hold enough juice to provide several charges.

A Charitable Donation

Everyone wants to make a positive impact on the world—why not make one on behalf of him as a gift? It’s thoughtful, easy, and even tax-deductible in most cases. Want to go the extra mile? Donate to a cause you know that he cares about. 

Event Tickets

Gift a memorable experience with tickets to see his favorite band or sports team do their thing—he’ll never forget it! Just be sure you know he’s free that night, or that the tickets are refundable.

There you go; we just saved you a lot of time and stress by giving you ten ideas for small gifts for men that are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re looking for great groomsman gifts or the best birthday gifts. For men, the key to the perfect gift is finding something that is both useful and thoughtful at the same time. With this list as your guide, you’ll have no trouble finding the top gifts for men any time the need arises. Happy giving!