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Grandparents Day Gift Ideas

SARAH STASHUK / May 31, 2019

Mothers have a day. Fathers have a day. Did you know that grandparents have their own day as well? When is Grandparents Day? Each year, Grandparents Day in the United States occurs in early September. Are you ready? You don’t have to worry too much, because your grandparents will probably be happy just to get a phone call or card from you on that day, but they would really love to have the gift of time with you. If you don’t live too far away from them, it would be great to go to their house or apartment, make them a meal, and spend a few hours with them. You might want to bring a card, flowers, or a special gift as well. If you live too far away or simply don’t have the time, you can send something in the mail or order flowers to be delivered by a local florist in their neighborhood. What would be the best gifts that your grandparents would treasure? Here are a few of our favorite Grandparents Day gift ideas for you!

A Special Interview

Let’s face it. People love to be listened to, and often our grandparents can feel a bit brushed aside, because their kids and grandkids are so busy most of the time. If you are short on cash but have some free time, visit your grandparents and interview them about their lives and experiences. They would love to share their insights and memories with their children and grandchildren. This would make them feel very special and loved. They will want to share these experiences with younger ones, because they believe it will educate them as they age. They will tell you how they grew up, what challenges they faced, and how they overcame all of the obstacles in their paths. It will be fun to see their grandchildren acting like little reporters, and you should be sure to get this on video to watch over and over again.

Freshly Baked Cookies

When you were younger, you can probably vividly remember all the freshly baked cookies made by your grandmother, aunt or mother. Your grandparents also have great food memories from when they were young and had freshly baked cookies in their homes. Now you can bring your grandparents back to their youths with the aroma and flavors of freshly baked cookies to fill their homes and hearts.

A Date for Breakfast

Another nice Grandparents Day gift idea is selecting a nice breakfast date for your grandparents. This entails preparing a nice meal and carrying it along with friends to their house or apartment. Make sure you make it a surprise. This will make your grandparents really happy, because they will enjoy the time with you and the rest of the family as well as the attention and delight of having a surprise breakfast party. You can bring flowers and a card to make it extra special. Be sure to take lots of photos, and you might want to print them out for your grandparents afterwards. You could even put them on their refrigerator with a magnet to see every day until next Grandparents Day.

A Photo Book

Grandparents like seeing photobooks or albums containing all their memories with their friends, families and children. You can grab all the previous photos and make a large photo book for them. Make sure it's of high quality so that it doesn't easily tear. Your grandparents will probably cherish this book and show it to all of their visitors for years to come. Every time they miss you, they will look at it and smile, as they think about all of the memories you’ve created together.

Arts and Crafts Day

Many grandparents are handy with arts and crafts. Many know how to sew, knit and even paint. You can organize an art and craft event and allow them to showcase their talents. You can even bring over a flower pot and paint it together, so they can use it to pot flowers for their back yards. If you paint the flowerpot with your fingerprints in different colors, it will really remind them of you. That is a gift that grandma and grandpa will always cherish.

A Picnic Date

Your grandparents probably love to spend time with you outdoors to enjoy nature and family. Choose a fun location that is not too hard to access, and organize a picnic date with your grandparents. If they have limited mobility, you can even do it in their own back yard with a blanket on the ground. Bring a few of their favorite food and drink items, such as sandwiches, fruit, cookies and juice. You can fly a kite or bring the family dogs to run around. You can throw a Frisbee back and forth and frolic, while your grandparents smile and take photos. Be sure to spend time sitting and listening to your grandparents, and pose in some photographs together, because they will treasure the memories of this day.

A Fishing Trip

You can get some few fishing accessories and go fishing with your grandparents. In most cases, it is your granddad that will be most interested in going fishing with his grandchildren, but your grandmother might also enjoy it. Perhaps your grandfather remembers going fishing with his own father or grandfather, when he was a young boy. Ask your grandparents to share their fishing memories with you.

Happy Grandparents Day!

The basic truth is the top Grandparents Day gift ideas don't have to be expensive and might even be free. All you need is to arrange your schedule and spend quality time with them. Show them how much you miss them and how much you care about them. They will value that more than any expensive gift.

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