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Custom Wedding Favors and Gifts

Harrison Maddox / Oct 09, 2019

Have you ever been to a wedding that handed out wedding favors for guests at the end of the ceremony or reception? If so, you likely felt like a valued guest and were happy to have a token to remind you of the wedding months and years later. Choosing the perfect wedding favors can be difficult, because you want something that most guests will value but within your budget. 

Custom wedding favors are an option, especially in today’s maker-filled marketplace. But simpler wedding favors can be just as impactful. How do you choose? For a start, take a look through our list of the top wedding gift ideas.

Koozies - These crowd-pleasers are easy to have custom-printed with your initials, wedding hashtag, funny saying (“to have and to hold and to keep your can cold”) or anything else you might want on them. Custom wedding Koozies seem to grow more popular every year.

Matchbooks - Matchbooks are a bit rare these days—most people use lighters, if they need to light anything at all. But that only adds to their charm. These are perfect for art deco-themed weddings or any ceremony with a bit of a retro flair. Every time your wedding guests flip open your custom-printed matchbook, to light a candle or some kindling for their hearth at home, they’ll remember the elegant charm of your cherished evening.  

Shot Glasses - If your wedding guests are the partying types, consider a collection of custom-printed shot glasses (or even wine glasses or tumblers) that they can bust out any time they’re hosting a cocktail party. Remembering your night of merriment every time they pour a celebratory drink means those memories will stick around for a long, long time and be associated with other positive moments.

Coaster Gift Sets - For a wedding favor that your cherished guests will use and appreciate daily, consider a set of coasters. Not only do they keep your furniture in tip-top shape, but they can also add some depth and color to any living room, dining room, or office. The absorbent ceramic coasters by Sarah Selects come in striking blue, turquoise, and purple mandala patterns and prevent excess moisture buildup. The layer of cork on the bottom prevents scratches and adds a little traction to defend against accidental knock-overs.

Garden Seeds - Seeds are a unique wedding favor idea—your guests can plant flowers, fruits, or vegetables that will grow over time, just as you and your partner’s love does. Imagine your guests getting to enjoy a feast from their garden as they remember the incredible wedding night that started it all. On top of that, seed packets are relatively inexpensive, making them perfect for a ceremony on a budget. Be sure to choose seeds that are native to your area (or wherever most of your guests are from) and that are relatively easy to take care of. Nobody wants a wilting wedding favor!

Ornaments - A custom-made ornament is a great way to commemorate your wedding ceremony. Your guests will enjoy putting it out each holiday season (or hanging it on their refrigerator, shelf, or houseplant. It’s a small token that may live in an out-of-the-way spot most of the time, but spark a moment of fond remembrance every time it pops into view. There are many ways to customize an ornament as well, from painting to laser-cutting to gluing fabric to it—the possibilities for personalization are only limited by your imagination.

Playing Cards - This is a fun wedding favor idea that your guests will bust out for games that bring people together. Fitting, isn’t it? They’ll remember the fun of your ceremony every time they gather ‘round for a hand or two of cards with friends and family. 

Hopefully these wedding guest gift ideas are enough to get you on the right track. Whether your go for off-the-shelf or custom wedding favors for guests, try to ensure that your favor of choice is as well-suited to your guests’ demographics and personalities as possible—it may be your day we’re talking about here, but this is one area where you really want to remove yourself and imagine what your guests want. If you’re having trouble deciding, you might even order a few of several different favors and let your guests choose what they like.