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Best Office Gift Ideas

Harrison Maddox / Aug 18, 2019

The office can be an unpleasant place sometimes. Work, dull parties, small talk, beige walls, the fridge with a year’s worth of leftovers lurking in the back. It can be an especially unpleasant place around gift-giving times: birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Boss’ Day. Gifts ideas for coworkers are tough to come by. You may know your colleagues fairly well, but knowing them well enough to get them the perfect gift is entirely different.

There are a million office gift ideas out there—but not many good ones. Depending on how well you know your coworkers, you want something that isn’t too personal, but is still thoughtful. It can be a tough balance to find, but here’s the key: get them something useful. A gift that your coworker can use in their daily lives shows that your thoughtful without going too far (“remember how you lost your cake server at the Christmas party two years ago? I got you a new one engraved with your initials and birth date!”)

Even with this guideline, the perfect gift ideas for Boss’ Day, birthdays or any other holiday can be elusive. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best gift ideas for coworkers. It’s all you need in your last-minute search for the perfect item to buy for your office mate. 

A Plant

Think about it: indoor plants are typically small, easy to take care of, and signify growth and health. Not only will this give your coworker’s desk an aesthetic boost; it’ll be something that takes their mind off of work even for just a few minutes each day. And that’s worth a lot. There are rules here, though. Don’t just hand your coworker a bundle of flowers—that could come across as odd. Make sure the plant is a manageable size and that they have room for it in their space. Also do your research to find a plant that is easy to take care of and is suited to an indoor environment, because the worst kind of gift is one that creates a lot of work for the recipient. Many succulents are good choices for indoor plant gifts.


Sure, nobody needs a paper calendar anymore; we have phones and computers for that. But there’s something charming about marking a date with pen on paper or not straining your eyes on a computer screen just to see what date Thanksgiving is this year. Bonus points: almost any calendar you buy will have some funny or scenic image to accompany each month. Show Samantha that you know she likes the outdoors with a calendar showing the best hiking trails in America, or maybe classic cars for Vince in Accounting. Even if you don’t know someone that well, it’s hard to go wrong with 12 months of gorgeous nature photos.

Gift Certificate

This might seem like a cop-out, but think about how nice it would be to receive a gift certificate to one of your favorite restaurants and enjoy a free meal out. Pretty nice, right? You’ve probably heard most of your coworkers talking about some restaurant or cafe that they like—maybe it’s where they go to lunch once a week. A good meal can create great memories, and what could be better than that? Plus, they may even ask you to join them.


The unsung hero of furniture everywhere, the humble coaster rarely gets the attention it deserves. This is your chance to change that. There are multiple benefits to giving a set of coasters as a gift—especially if those coasters are from Sarah Selects. First, you’re adding some pizzazz to their desk. Sarah Selects coaster sets come in purple, turquoise, or blue coasters and each one is stunning in its own way. Second, you’re keeping their desk (and all the important papers on it) free from condensation or spilled liquid. Don’t bother with anything other than absorbent ceramic coasters, which keep moisture from spilling off the coaster. A cork bottom keeps surfaces free from scratches and prevents accidental knock-overs. Third, you’re giving them a gift that they can do more with. Most offices only need two or three coasters, but the Sarah Selects set comes with six, so they can share with friends or take a few home. Bonus: these will last longer than anything on this list.

A Card

When all else fails, why not just write a kind card? Personalize it to highlight something great about your colleague (“You’re a pleasure to work with because you pay such good attention to detail” or “Thanks for being the first one here every morning and making coffee—the rest of us couldn’t get along without you.”) It’s that easy to make someone’s day. Everyone likes being noticed, and a card can say a lot more than what’s on the cover.

So there you have it: with these office gift ideas, you’re equipped for whatever gift-giving holiday the calendar thrusts on you next. Remember to keep it useful and don’t overthink it! Want to make your gift-giving even easier? Sarah Selects can ship a set of high-quality coasters right to your office, so you have a wonderful, lasting gift to give and one less task to complete. Happy gifting.