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Best New Year's Gift Ideas

SARAH STASHUK / Jan 01, 2020

Last year was a remarkable one and left the world with interesting memories. Within a blink of an eye, a new year will come, and it will be time to start looking for gifts to give to our dear loved ones. Getting a gift may involve more than we expect. It simply shows that we love and cherish the receiver. Gifts are shared on New Year’s Day to show our utmost joy that our family member  or significant other entered a new year with us. Make sure you get a unique gift that will be forever remembered by your friend or significant other.

The problem that arises when getting a gift may not be the price but the type of gift. We definitely want to do something remarkable and memorable, which is why we go the extra mile to get something nice. If you are bored of getting them the same typical and conventional gifts that you have given them before, don’t worry, because we’re here to help you with the best New Year gift ideas to share with your loved ones.

A Clock or Watch

Tick-tock is the sound we hear when checking the time. Getting a clock is one of the most useful gifts that can be given to your loved one. It doesn't have to be a wall clock, it can also be a wristwatch. There are numerous wrist watches available on the market today, and there are the expensive ones and the affordable ones. The difference in these watches is their features which makes them flexible to use. When getting a clock, it can also be a mechanical alarm clock, digital alarm clock, wall clock, etc.  What about in the kitchen? The traditional kitchen clock is another useful clock that can be gotten and given as a gift. Your gift should not necessarily be expensive, it should just be unique and different from others.

A Wallet

This is another beautiful present that can be given as a New Year’s Day gift. Your gift doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or big, but it should just indicate how much you love your friend. Getting a small wallet with a beautiful and unique design can go a long way in demonstrating your love for your friend. Wallets can keep important documents like passport, identification cards, credit cards and many more important items. Make sure you select a durable one, so it will last a long time.

Key Chain

Another small yet important gift to give to your friend is the key chain. Often, we hear of people who lose their car or home keys due to carelessness. This happens, because they put their keys either in their pockets or they hold them in their hands. A key chain or a key holder can be hung on our jeans or pants. When you lock your home or car door, you can simply hang the key on your waist and be rest assured that it won't be stolen.

Diary Notebook

Among the best New Year’s gift ideas to consider is a nice diary or notebook. Many women, girls and especially high school teenagers love having diaries to document all of their feelings and experiences. Most bookworms do not only like reading, but they love jotting down notes and thoughts. Don’t forget to add this as a New Year gift when thinking of what to buy for a student in high school or even grade school or college.


Many women love to wear bracelets, and they can be easily engraved with a special message to commemorate the occasion. Bracelets can be stretchy or adjustable to fit any wrist size, so you don’t need to take measurements or worry that it doesn’t fit her. Get the ladies in your life a special bracelet, and see her eyes light up with joy.

Hair Straighteners

Unless you have a girlfriend or female friend with short hair, a hair straightener might be a nice gift. You never really know how much joy a woman may get from hair straighteners. Your girlfriend will be so fond of it that she may teach you how to use, too. This can also save her money by allowing her to touch up her hairstyle at home without the help of a hairdresser.

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