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Best Christmas Present Ideas

SARAH STASHUK / Dec 25, 2019

Christmas is a time of year when people around the world love to gather with their family friends to exchange gifts, share food, and create memories together. It is probably the holiday people most closely associate with gift giving, because Santa Claus has become the primary symbol that is used to represent the occasion. Most people picture a big, fat, jolly, white-haired, bearded man dressed in a red suit with a big black bag of toys slung over his shoulder. 

The mythology of Christmas comes with expectations that everyone should both give and receive something on Christmas that represents their value in the lives of those they love, because we are told from when we are very small children that Santa only brings gifts to the good girls and boys. So that means if you are bad enough to make it to Santa’s Naughty List, you might get a big hunk of coal in your stocking instead of presents like the other good children. This is really just a threat to make sure kids behave throughout the year, but everyone knows that kids don’t have enough self-control to behave for an entire year. Most kids will try a little harder to be nice around the Christmas holidays, but ultimately the roller coaster of family gatherings and sugar highs get the best of them, resulting in some unpleasant tantrums. 

If you are celebrating this Christmas with your family, friends or anyone you love, getting them a Christmas present is a must. We have no misconception about how challenging it usually is to find the most fitting gifts for loved ones during Christmas. And we know how awkward it can be to present a gift to someone on Christmas and to have that person unwrap the gift and appear to be disappointed or unimpressed. That’s why we’ve combed every brick and mortar store as well as every online store to help you pick only the most appropriate Christmas present ideas.

The best Christmas gift ideas are perfect for all ages and genders. In the event that you’re looking to get a Christmas present for your dad or mom or that special someone in your life, these Christmas present ideas will make you look like a modern-day Santa Claus.  

1.    A Hand Knitted Christmas Sweater

During Christmas, the temperature usually drops down a bit, making it unbearably cold to some people, depending on where they live. That’s why people often appreciate a hand-knitted sweater to keep them warm during the holidays, and sweaters knitted with Christmas colors can make them feel even more festive. If you give someone a hand-knitted holiday-style Christmas sweater or even a ridiculous “ugly Christmas sweater,” they will most likely put it on immediately just to see how it fits and feels against their skin. Getting a hand-knitted Christmas sweater makes people feel like they can finally dress appropriately for the occasion. Though it will probably go in a drawer or relegated to the back of a closet for most of the year, that will be the first thing they bring out next Christmas, when the holiday festivities begin again.

2.    Storm Glass Tube set on a Beech Wood Base

In the event that you have loved ones who like peculiar little gadgets filling their homes, you should probably end your search for top Christmas gift ideas here. This is the quirkiest gadget you can gift to anyone on Christmas. It is not only beautiful and decorative, but it is also very functional. This quirky little device has a barometer installed in it and can help forecast weather conditions. The glass tube of this gadget encompasses crystals that settle or scatter as the room temperature and pressure fluctuates. In this way, it can help its proprietor prepare for reasonable, stormy, overcast or breezy climate and even rainstorms! Trust me on this one. Whomever you give this functional device to will cherish it like it’s a million bucks. 

3.    A Simple Clutch

This best Christmas present idea is especially proposed for the ladies. As it stands, most ladies can never have too much of these simple clutches. They use them to hold their cash, mobile devices, makeup items, etc. These simple clutches are very easy to hold and they are quite handy. So, go get a rich, eccentric or fun piece of clothing to make a dazzling carefully assembled zippered pouch/clutch and present one of the most outstanding Christmas presents to your sweetheart, mother, sister or daughter. Don’t forget to take your camera along, because they’ll definitely give you a smile worthy of a page in your favorite magazine. 

4.    A Piece of Engraved Jewelry 

Jewelry is a great gift to express how you feel about someone, because a gift of jewelry symbolizes your lasting commitment and heartfelt adoration. When you add an engraving to the jewelry, it gives it even more meaning, because it is personalized with some initials, date, or note to memorialize a certain occasion or to communicate how you feel. Engraved jewelry can be very special to give to your romantic partner, grandmother, sister, aunt or cousin. You might go to your local jewelry store and pick out an item that reminds you of that person, such as a bracelet, wrist watch, ring, or necklace, and ask them to engrave it with some initials and a date or message. This will truly be a gift that the receiver will treasure for life.

5.    Lego Duplo Park Building Set

Here’s a fun Christmas gift idea for parents and relatives of small children. This Lego building set will keep their attention for hours on end, as they try to assemble a barn for a deer family or attempts to navigate a car past a fox hideout or a bear cave. On the off chance that you are a father, mother, uncle, aunty or a god-parent to a toddler, you shouldn’t hesitate to get this present. It will make the young children engaged, while the rest of the family spends time talking and relaxing through the holidays. This is truly a gift for the whole family! 

6.    Tickets to an Event 

Not all Christmas presents have to be tangible, you can always present boxed tickets for an amazing event. Believe it or not, the best Christmas gift you can give to anyone in this our modern-day society is your time. So spend some quality time with your loved ones on Christmas and create new Christmas memories together. You can get tickets for a movie, drama, musical or a science convention (if they hold on Christmas). The main idea here is to have fun outdoors away from familiar surroundings. 

7.    A Custom T-Shirt

Nothing says “I’m proud of my family” like a custom family t-shirt. So this Christmas, get some high-quality white t-shirts in a variety of sizes for each of your family members and put your personal touch on them. You can get a family photo from last year, and have it printed onto the shirts or do it yourself with special t-shirt printing transfer paper that you can buy online and iron onto your shirts. You can add lettering to commemorate the occasion with something fun like “Family Christmas 2019.” These shirts will surely get a good smile and laugh from each of your family members and they will be fun to wear while celebrating Christmas together. Be sure to take a group family photograph for next year’s holiday cards and t-shirts! 

8.    A Jar of Candy

Sweets and candy have been an integral part of the Christmas celebration from the very beginning, and who doesn’t love candy in jars? If you create a series of candy jars filled with a variety of candies in different colors, shapes, and sizes, you are sure to delight everyone who receives one of these gifts. First notice how their eyes light up at the sight of your gift, as they suddenly feel a rush of joy from early childhood memories. You can box them up for your grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, parents, or anyone else you want to gift this year. As long as they have teeth and don’t have a dangerous medical condition like Diabetes, they will be sure to love this Christmas gift. I mean, who doesn’t like candy? If such individuals exist (and I’m not sure they do) they’ll probably be less than 1% of the 1% of the world population. So, get a fully stuffed candy jar, place it in a wrapping sheet and present it to your loved ones as a Christmas present. You can thank me later!

Need More Ideas?

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